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Epoch Wines

Join the Entourage!

We are excited you are interested in joining our official Epoch family, one we lovingly call our Entourage.  To bring you up to speed, our Entourage receives priority access to our wines through a tiered allocation for each release (Spring and Fall) as well as other offerings we have throughout the year. 

We offer three levels of our Entourage, each containing their own unique perks and commitments.  To read all about our Entourage, click here.  We will evaluate our members each summer, and if we notice that you have not purchased your specified amount, we will reach out to see if moving to another Entourage level is preferred.   If at any time throughout the year you would like to go ahead and make a move, please let us know!  As a reminder, you will not be automatically charged for your bottles during a release or offering.  Since our releases and offerings operate as allocations, you are responsible for logging in during the specified window and selecting your ideal order.

Join the Entourage!

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